About Farrah


Farrah is a 39 year old married mom of 3 crazy but loving kids. She’s often found singing in the kitchen to the latest tunes while magically preparing meals of all sorts or experimenting with diy natural beauty recipes. Not only does she enjoy making things that make her body feel good, she’s a fiction junkie who loves escaping to other places within books and doing crafts with her girls. As a wife and mom of three, she’s always working towards bettering herself in mind, body and spirit so she can be at her best when life needs her all while also working a day job in marketing.

PR contact is welcome.

With my family, we share our thoughts about various products that make our lives easier to manage, more memorable, and more enjoyable.

We are a family of 5: full-time working parents, 11 year old girl, 16 year old boy, 17 year old girl, and 3 adult female cats. The girls dominate this house for sure.

We enjoy playing games on our PS4, PS3, android phones, tablets, and windows based computers. We enjoy cooking and baking in the kitchen. We enjoy arts and crafts. We enjoy reading books. We enjoy going to local events in North Carolina that are not too far from Raleigh as a family. We embrace individuality and uniqueness.

For product & book review requests, please contact Farrah via email at farrahkennedy@gmail.com.

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