Purple Hearts #Book Review

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“Cassie Salazar and Luke Morrow couldn’t be more different. Beautiful and enigmatic Cassie is a struggling artist, working nights at a bar in Austin, Texas to make ends meet while pursuing her dream of becoming a singer/songwriter. Luke is an Army trainee, about to ship out for duty, who finds comfort in the mental and physical discipline of service after a difficult time in his life. But a chance encounter at Cassie’s bar will throw them together in ways that they’d never expect.

Cassie has been barely getting by financially ever since discovering that she has diabetes. Even with her basic insurance, she is drowning in medical bills. Added to her worries are concerns for her mother, who’s getting older and has no one else to look after her. So when she runs into old friend Frankie, now enlisted in the Army, she proposes a deal: a marriage license in exchange for better insurance for Cassie, and Frankie will keep the increased paycheck he’ll get now that he has a “family” to look after. Frankie says he can’t help her because he has a girlfriend, but to Cassie’s surprise, Frankie’s annoyingly intense friend Luke volunteers to marry her instead. Unbeknownst to Cassie, he desperately needs the money to pay off his old drug dealer from before he got clean.

The two of them make a pact: they’ll get married for a few months, make the money they need, and then get divorced when Luke has returned from duty and the time is right. But when a devastating injury overseas throws Luke back into Cassie’s life, they must make their marriage seem as real as possible to army personnel or risk being sent to jail for fraud. And sometimes, it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s just pretend.”

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: When not producing fiction for young readers, Tess Wakefield works in Golden Valley, Minnesota as a copywriter, an amateur comedian, and a caretaker for several thriving plants. PURPLE HEARTS is her first novel for adults. 

MY REVIEW: Honestly, I have mixed feelings. Not sure I cared for Cassie. Actually, I did not like her most of the time. For most of the book she seemed a bit insensitive to others around her and most of the time all she cared about was herself. Yes, the marriage was one of convenience so she could get the finances to take care of her medical needs while pursuing her music dreams, but damn, once he gets hurt, he more or less becomes an inconvenience to her. Luke though, I liked him. I looked forward to his chapters as the author would switch from one character to the other throughout the story. He agreed to marry her because he has issues of his own that a marriage could financially help him with. He tried to get away from his dark past but unfortunately, it didn’t want him to stay away for too long and it affects those around him again BUT, he still tries. In the end, I actually felt like Cassie changed a bit and I was curious if the two could really make it.

My rating? 3 out of 5 stars. I’d still give Tess Wakefield another go and read another story. If you enjoy contemporary romance (without much romance), you might like PURPLE HEARTS. Go for it. 🙂

3 out of 5

PURPLE HEARTS by Tess Wakefield

Emily Bestler Books/Atria Books
ISBN: 9781501136498| eBook: 9781501136504 | 288 Pages
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