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Free Book Giveaway
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Looking for a place to post your book contest/giveaway or a place to get a chance to grab a free copy of a book you’d like? NO ASKING FOR BOOK REVIEWS IN EXCHANGE FOR ANY FREE BOOKS POSTED IN THIS GROUP. Any member of the group is free to add books to the bookshelf. Stop by and visit or join our group to post yours.

Books we’ve read

Blood Harvest
White Witch, Black Curse
Patches Of Grey
Forever Yours
A Savage Wisdom
Girl in Translation
In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto
Unexpected Tales from the Ends of the Earth
Future Gone
The Signature Series: A Journey That Will Last for Generations to Come...
Manipulating the List
Eve's Evolution
Namaste Stories: Volume 1
The Fastest Growing Religion on Earth: How Genealogy Captured the Brains and Imaginations of Americans
Tales About the Insanity
Hillary Hermes: Vampires vs. Witches

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