Dear 18 year old me

Me 21yrs ago at 18 on left and me at 39 on right with a naked face.

Dear 18 year old self,

At this moment back in 1996, I know you feel like the world is falling apart around you even though you seem to easily put a smile upon your face every day when all see you. The years to come for you in your 20s and early 30s will be like a roller coaster for sure. One moment you’re on that upward mode and you feel on top of the world and the next you’re panicking from the anxiety and fear of motherhood and marriage. But I promise you, life will eventually get better.

By the time you’re 35, you’ll begin the path to understanding who you are and realize that there’s no reason to rush and stress out over the things you once did. You’ll realize, being happy is what really matters. You’ll finally get that happiness is not something someone else can give you, it’s a feeling that must come from within. And you know what? The moment you discover this, a new world will open to you.

Even now at 39 I know I’ll still have those moments of fear and anxiety BUT it’s so much easier to let go and focus on the things that I can actually control and that matter most. Like me. So hang in there.

By the way, spoiler alert for your future, you will eventually get back with your high school sweetheart. I can’t promise it will be an easy marriage at first but trust in the unconditional love that you will both have for each other. Remember, for better or for worse, have faith, be strong, be smart, and love unconditionally. No other couple I know is like us. And you know what else? He’ll give you 3 beautiful children to love and learn from.


Your 39 year old self

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