Be Kind, Gentle and Love Unconditionally

DeerLooked out my kitchen window to see this beauty just a moment ago.

Did you know that they say that the deer symbolizes the need to be kind, gentle, and open-hearted with unconditional love? Deer also represent the need to trust your gut and instincts.

Raising teens can be difficult at times but the deer reminds me to always keep an open mind and heart while still being firm as a parent should be. Mastering being kind and firm at the same time can seem hard but they need to understand the situation and possible outcomes without complete fear (a little fear is ok ;-)). My children need to know that even though I might not always agree with their decisions or feel a bit disappointed at times, I’m still here for them and will love them no matter what.

So the next time a deer surprisingly crosses your path and stops before you, ask yourself, “Am I being kind and loving those around me unconditionally or do I need to trust my gut on something?”

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